Space: The Final Front Tease!

We are so excited to tackle on a brand new theme for our next show! Space: The Final Front Tease is our special love letter to sci-fi, space operas and all the aliens we loved as children. Tickets are on sale now (CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS!), so be sure to grab them! We’ll see you on July 13th at the Great Hall!

Model: Dolly Monroe
Photo: Paul Hillier
Graphic Design: Sevvy Skellington

Lord of the G-Strings Behind the Scenes!

Ever wonder how our posters get made? Here’s a behind-the-scenes sneak peek at the poster shoot for Lord of the G-Strings! Each poster begins with a glamorous (and sometimes silly!) model and an ultra-talented photographer and her crew! These particular posters were shot by PeepshowTO alumni Miss Dolly Monroe. She’s an incredible photographer and an absolute dream to work with!

Here are the final poster designs for Lord of the G-Strings, which were given just a little touch of Middle Earth by Sevvy Skellington!

We are almost a month away until the show and we cannot wait to show you what kind of magic we have up our sleeves! Tickets to Lord of the G-strings are available now! You don’t want to miss this!

Special thanks to Shaanlesque for editing this wonderful little video for your enjoyment!